Alternative and Complementary Therapy

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    Stem Cell and PRP

    Ardent Animal Health  PRP and Stem Cell Therapy | Companion (

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    Veterinary Medical Manipulation -VMM

    People go to the Chiropractor and pets go to a Veterinary Medical Manipulation Practitioner! We motion every joint – feet, limbs and the spine. HVLA: High Velocity Low Amplitude movement…

  • Companion Laser Therapy

    The Companion Laser Therapy is a non-drug, non-surgical treatment for pet pain and to reduce healing times in any tissue that has edema and inflammation. Check out the videos on…

  • Acupuncture

    Along side our acupuncture services we also offer Aqua-puncture, and Herbal Medicine. Dr. Russo completed the Basic Acupuncture course and will be attending Advanced Acupuncture Course at the Chi Institute.…