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Companion Laser Therapy

The Companion Laser Therapy is a non-drug, non-surgical treatment for pet pain and to reduce healing times in any tissue that has edema and inflammation.
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Here are some of the different diseases the companion laser therary can work on:

➢ Abdominal Disorders 
➢ Abscesses/ Tissue Infection 
➢ Anal Saculitis 
➢ Aural Hematoma 
➢ Cellulitis 
➢ Fractures 
➢ Gingivitis/ Periodontal disease 
➢ Lick Granulomas 
➢ Musculoskeletal Injury 
➢ Osteoarthritis 
➢ Otitis 
➢ Perianal Fistulas 
➢ Pyotraumatic Dermatitis 
➢ Rhinitis/ Sinusitis 
➢ Snakebites 
➢ Thoracic Disorders 
➢ Trauma 
➢ Stomatitis 
➢ Urinary Tract Disorders 
➢ Wounds