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Dental Surgery includes teeth extraction. Some are simple but many are not and require drills and skills. It is necessary when their is greater than 50% bone loss. The tooth will be loose usually severely infected and painful. Your pet may chew on the other side of the mouth or stop eating or playing with toys altogether. There are many cases where the tooth root (under the gumline in the jaw bone) is so severely infected that a hole develops and purulent drainage will come out under the eye on the face or under the jaw and sometimes above the gumline. This can lead to jaw fractures and severe sinus infections.

Cats get their own brand of dental disease where the tooth starts to resorb and basically turn into Swiss cheese! The gum tissue gets so bad it can look like cancer! In some of these cases a partial or full mouth extraction is needed. We treat these with extra special TLC and pain control.
Check out the Dentalvet link below for before and after pictures and success stories: