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Dr. Angelika Russo

I graduated from Ross University of Veterinary Medicine in 2002.  I have been working in Veterinary Medicine for over 30 years and still loving every minute of it!  As I experience the aging process I have come to know and practice different treatment modalities to stay as healthy and pain free as possible.  Why I practice and continue to learn integrative therapies such as PRP/Stem Cell, Veterinary Medical Manipulation, and Acupuncture.  My latest endeavors are Advanced Acupuncture and Canine Rehabilitation certifications this spring and summer.  I love using the old and new therapies to give the best I can for our clients pets.  I also love to spend time kayaking with my dog Milli, my family gatherings, going on exciting adventures like Repelling 300’ in the Belizean Jungle, Scuba Diving and Martial Arts with my husband.